Bulk cards
We have enabled Buy Bulk Card on site. Please click here and know how to buy bulk cards in carder007.
Posted 21:54:14 14/Dec/2015 by admin
Please read RULE & FAQ carefully before using any services.

1- By registering you agree to our rules.

2- We Only Accept Liberty Reserve.

3- We will not return money from your balance.

4- Administration in the right to block the account without explanation and refund.

5- We are not accepting any complains about checker result. We use 2 differents private checker merchant places.

6- You will pay for Checker regardless of whether valid card or not.

7- If Card have verified by visa or security 3d MC protect - we will not replace or refund.

8- You have only free check at checker within 2 minutes. Please go to My Cards and click to check, else you can\\\'t get refund. When the card is not valid, you receive the refund. The refund is automatic.

9- If Checker reported Card is VALID and it declines in some shop, this means it is low or no balance card we do not refund for this.

10- CC with DOB or SSN dont have any refund if info or DOB-SSN bad. Validate rate 85%.

11- Reselling from shop is allowed.

12- If you want to buy large quantities, please contact us using the support email.

13- One account is for one user. If we found that you share your login with someone, your account will be locked, and no money returned.

14- Anyone who tries to attack this shop, account will be locked and no money returned.

Posted 12:46:31 08/Jun/2011 by admin
Once you buy a cc from our site, you can check it for live or dead by a tool provided within the site as well. However, the checking is ONLY considered to be valid within 2 MINUTES, in which, if the cc is dead, your money will be returned back into your current balance automatically. Please remember that there will be NO REFUNDING if the cc is NOT checked within 2 MINUTES since you buy it from the site.
Posted 04:08:05 20/May/2011 by admin